Economic Justice

Sermon 3 in the Year-Long Series, Unitarian Universalists and Culture, Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. Economic justice is one of the most elusive social ideals that any culture faces. What exactly does “economic justice” look like in any particular society? Who determines what level of … read more.

What is at Stake a Week from Tuesday

Each time a national election rolls around, the American people face clear and important decisions and policy choices that will directly affect the quality of our shared life. On November 6th, how we vote (and who we vote for) will determine much about what kind … read more.

Sexual Harassment: A Touchy Subject

Pulpit Guest Rev. Sarah York; Pulpit host Rev. Scott W. Alexander. Rev. York writes: “While political and religious scandals highlight high-profile cases of sexual harassment or misconduct and stir memories and emotions, I will reflect on the subtle dynamics of gender and power that affect … read more.