The War on Truth

Scott writes, “In 2016, the Oxford Dictionary chose the adjective ‘Post-Truth’ as the ‘word of the year’. This was in response to an alarming trend in our society (and in our politics) to ignore objective facts (and science) in favor of emotion, ideology, or personal … read more.

The Future of Humanity

This is sermon 2 in Scott’s year-long series, “This I Believe.” Scott writes, “There was a time–earlier in my career, and at a calmer point in national and global events–when I was pretty upbeat about the long-term human prospects on this planet. But these days–what … read more.

Reflections of “The 1619 Project”

This year–2019–marks the 400th anniversary since the first enslaved Africans landed in Port Comfort, Virginia. As the New York Times recently observed as it launched “The 1619 Project” slavery “Is the country’s very origin. Out of slavery–and the anti-black racism it required–grew nearly everything … read more.

Carpe Diem! — Tomorrow Maybe

Fully 10 years ago–thinking I would soon preach a sermon on this subject–I clipped an interesting article from the “Science and Health” section of the New York Times about the curious human tendency (behavioral psychologists have discovered) for us to “put off until tomorrow what … read more.