Rolling Away the Stone…

Easter Sunday

Rev. Scott writes: For many in our culture, Easter is a particular Sunday in the Spring which we mark with brightly colored eggs, chocolate bunny rabbits, and cheerful Spring clothing and hats. But the spiritual signs of a genuine and lasting Easter are … read more.

An Open Letter to American Voters

Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. Scott writes: “As the 2020 election cycle begins–fully 18 months before our next national election–some politicians are trying to persuade American voters that the defining choice at the ballot box next year will be between free-market capitalism (“good”) and state-imposed … read more.

The Trauma of Being Alive

Scott writes:” Writing recently in the New York Times, Dr. Mark Epstein, a psychiatrist with decades of experience helping people cope with their life traumas, wrote a fascinating piece which said, among other things, “An undercurrent of injury and disaster runs through ordinary life.” My … read more.

Don’t Let the Old Man In…

A Sermon on the Occasion of my 70th Birthday

Scott writes: This coming week–on May 24th to be precise–I turn “the Big 7-0.” On one level, this is a bit hard for me to personally believe that I have reached this particular life milestone. I am … read more.

The Decline of Reason and the American Mind

A hundred years ago, American satirist, H.L. Mencken observed, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” Nonetheless, many thoughtful social commentators have noticed a significant (and alarming) decline of reason, reading and thinking in American life over recent decades. One does … read more.