The Lay Pastoral Committee

UUFVB seeks to be a genuinely caring community. As a tangible expression of our caring, we believe it is important that people be able to count on their religious community to offer appropriate support in times of illness, crisis or other significant problems.

Our Lay Pastoral team works in partnership with the minister to respond to the full range of life experiences, including providing support for those who are ill or have suffered a loss. The team meets regularly to review the needs with which we are familiar, and to ensure that, to the best of our ability, we are connecting with all members who need our care.

The Lay Pastoral team relies on input and assistance from many active and caring congregation members, who assist with visiting shut-ins, providing rides for essential errands like doctors’ appointments, giving personal support, and sending many greeting cards to mark important moments of celebration or need.

LIFE CRISIS FORMS – Members are encouraged to complete a Life Crisis Form to help the minister and Lay Pastoral team honor your needs and wishes in the event of major crisis.

Training for Lay Pastoral team members is provided periodically.

For more information, e-mail us at:, or call  (772) 778-5880.

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