Reflections of “The 1619 Project”

This year–2019–marks the 400th anniversary since the first enslaved Africans landed in Port Comfort, Virginia. As the New York Times recently observed as it launched “The 1619 Project” slavery “Is the country’s very origin. Out of slavery–and the anti-black racism it required–grew nearly everything … read more.

Being Good for Nothing

Rev. Sarah York, UUFVB Affiliate Minister, pulpit guest. Rev. Scott Alexander, worship host. Sarah writes, “As religious liberals, we are not motivated toward moral behavior by the fear of everlasting punishment or the hope of heavenly reward. What is it in our faith, then, that … read more.

The Wisdom of Wu Wei

From the ancient Taoist tradition comes the idea of “Wu Wei” which is simply the art and virtue of “in-action” or “non-doing,” or said another way, “going with the natural flow” of life. This Eastern understanding of how to move though life is a … read more.