Where Two or Three Are Gathered

Pulpit Guest the Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran; pulpit host, Rev. Scott Alexander.
Rev. Killoran writes: “It’s Sunday, you go to church. Why? This morning’s sermon invites you to reflect perhaps more deeply on what’s in it for you, and why you bother coming to church” … read more.


This Sunday I will continue my sermon series on Unitarian Universalists and Culture reflecting how well American culture is in terms of its civility. Almost everyone believes that civility is a good thing that smooths the “commerce and interactions” of any culture…but how do we–as … read more.

A Spirituality of Aging

Rev. Yorke writes:

My 40’s,50’s,60’s – been there, done that – distinctive decades in my spiritual journey. So how do I now face my 70’s with a new set of “rules”? What matters most? How can I engage in “Wise aging”?