Tom Mundy serves UUFVB as Director of Music. Hired in the summer of 2012, he sits on both Music and Worship committees and meets regularly with the minister to plan our worship services.

His work background is varied.  In addition to serving as Director of Music at Trinity Lutheran Church in Titusville, he coordinated worship and music ministries at three catholic churches in Orlando.  He has worked as a sound consultant, a technical writer, a film consultant, an audio recording engineer, and the producer of TV and radio ads.  He has custom designed a recording studio, produced and engineered demonstration recordings, and developed procedures related to patent preparation.

He is also a composer as well as a gifted keyboardist and performer. The congregation and the choir have been enriched by his talents since his first Sunday on the job.

He studied recording arts and sciences at Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins.  He has degrees from Brevard Community College, University of Central Florida, and is currently working on a master’s degree in computer science and digital simulation from UCF.

Tom says:  Experience equals education. Positions are more than a simple description; one must always be ready to go beyond what they thought themselves capable of for the good of the team. Wisdom is the knowledge that the team will always have a better solution than the individual. True power comes from powerlessness; true grace comes from humility, and it is not taught in school but learned through experience. Experience should be shared.