SUNDAY, MAR. 7TH 2021  at 10:00AM

Exchange with Rev. Jim Coakley (Greenbay, WI)

Virtual Pulpit Exchange with the Rev. Jim Coakley of Northeastern Wisconsin

“Matisse’s Creative Resilience”

Rev. Coakley writes: Creativity and imagination have helped many of us get through the isolation and hardship of the pandemic. As an example of creative resilience, I would like to lift up the early 20th century artist Henri Matisse. Near the end of his incredibly creative life, Matisse lost the physical ability to paint, yet he resiliently developed a new creative outlet. Reverend Jim Coakley serves four UU Fellowships in Northeast Wisconsin located in Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Ephriam, and Stevens Point. He is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School with a Masters of Divinity and was ordained in 2016. His ministry is grounded in a strong belief that Unitarian Universalists have something wonderful to offer the world — an extraordinary way to be together and a vision for a better world. 

SUNDAY, MAR. 14TH, 2021 at 10:00AM

A UUFVB Chancel Dialogue with Rev. Scott W. Alexander and Mr. Robert & Mrs. Judith Terry

“Lighting Millions of Candles”

Unitarian Universalism has always been animated and informed by a global and inclusive spirituality. We – perhaps more than another single faith tradition – have understood the interconnectedness of all life on this planet, and our moral and spiritual obligation to defend and serve that global adhesiveness. We are blessed to have as members of our congregation Bob and Judith Terry, a married couple who have devoted much of their lives to a global vision of the human narrative. During the 1960’s Robert – along with Sargent Shriver in the Kennedy Administration – played a key role in the development of the Peace Corps…and later in his long career helped to found the Global hunger charity Oxfam America , as well as the International Association for National Youth Service and the National Peace Corps Association. I guarantee that you will not want to miss our Three-Way “Chancel Dialogue” about how we can all participate as global citizens in the “Lighting of Millions of Candles” – which is the title of Robert’s forthcoming book.

SUNDAY, MAR. 21ST, 2021 at 10:00AM

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

“Is Truth Relative or Absolute?

Continuing with my focus on the all-important topic of truth (and how we determine it) in this sermon I will explore the philosophical question of whether or not truth is absolute or relative, or something in-between.  For generations liberals and conservatives have fiercely debated this issue. Where we come down on this fundamental epistemological question will greatly affect not only our day to day lives but also the quality our moral and ethical decision making. 

SUNDAY, MAR. 28TH, 2021 at 10:00AM

Rev. Scott Alexander

“Ministers are a LOT Like hospital Food!”

As the July 31st date of my retirement from my duties here at this congregation approach, the fact that you will soon have new ministerial leadership (first with a 2-year interim minister beginning in August, followed by a new “settled” minister in 2023) becomes clear and unavoidable. All of this has gotten me thinking about what it means to be a minister, and how congregations cope with the inevitable departures and arrivals of clergy who exist to serve them.   Do be with me as I reflect on this complicated process.

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