Speaker: Rev. Scott Alexander

Scott is the UUFVB Minister

The Spirituality of Solitude

Scott writes, In 1841, Henry David Thoreau retreated from the busy village life in his native Concord, Massachusetts, and lived alone in solitude for a full year in a small cottage on nearby Walden Pond. The result was one of the most famous essays … read more.

Don’t Let the Old Man In…

A Sermon on the Occasion of my 70th Birthday

Scott writes: This coming week–on May 24th to be precise–I turn “the Big 7-0.” On one level, this is a bit hard for me to personally believe that I have reached this particular life milestone. I am … read more.

An Open Letter to American Voters

Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. Scott writes: “As the 2020 election cycle begins–fully 18 months before our next national election–some politicians are trying to persuade American voters that the defining choice at the ballot box next year will be between free-market capitalism (“good”) and state-imposed … read more.

The Trauma of Being Alive

Scott writes:” Writing recently in the New York Times, Dr. Mark Epstein, a psychiatrist with decades of experience helping people cope with their life traumas, wrote a fascinating piece which said, among other things, “An undercurrent of injury and disaster runs through ordinary life.” My … read more.

Rolling Away the Stone…

Easter Sunday

Rev. Scott writes: For many in our culture, Easter is a particular Sunday in the Spring which we mark with brightly colored eggs, chocolate bunny rabbits, and cheerful Spring clothing and hats. But the spiritual signs of a genuine and lasting Easter are … read more.

The Problem of Evil

Unitarian Universalists have a problem with evil. Our faith tradition has always been optimistic about human nature, we affirm “the inherent worth and dignity of every person,” and we have always theologically focused on the human potential for good. But we also are painfully aware … read more.

The Spirituality of Luck

Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. Scott writes:” This Sunday I want to reflect on the spirituality (and the meaning and power) of luck–both “good” and “bad.” There are many in our culture who think that everything that happens to them over their lifetimes is a … read more.

A Unitarian Universalist Soteriology

Scott writes: Perhaps the most difficult and vexing of all the traditional theological words for Unitarian Universalists is “Salvation.” To theologians, Soteriology is simply the study of the question of salvation, the question of what is our ultimate destiny as human beings. I think … read more.


Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. Scott writes: “All of us–from time to time in our lives–feel helpless (powerless) when we are confronted by complicated, terrible and difficult circumstances. Whether we are talking about difficulties in our own personal lives; tragedies among our families, neighbors and … read more.

Are We Color Blind?

Martin Luther King Sunday Rev. Scott W. Alexander and Jack Stiefel preaching
Scott writes: On this Sunday when we honor the legacy and challenge of Dr. Martin Luther King’s life, Jack Stiefel (social justice activist and long term member of our congregation) and I want to … read more.

Religion’s Holy Impossible Business

NEW YEAR’S BRUNCH SUNDAY Rev. Scott writes:”On this first Sunday of the New Year–when we will celebrate with a congregation-wide brunch in the Fellowship Hall following the service–I want to spiritually “step back” and take a look at the purpose and work of religion…most specially … read more.

Immigration and Cultural Hospitality

Sermon IV in the Year-Long Series
“Unitarian Universalism and Culture”
Scott writes, “We are in an unsettling time when the current President of these United States, many in Congress, and something close to half the American people are openly expressing their fear of and hostility toward immigrants … read more.

Nature’s Holy Medicine

Scott writes: There is a whole host of new scientific research which indicates that regular exposure to nature dramatically improves the health and happiness of human beings. On this Sunday I want to explore how we might expand and deepen our relationship with the … read more.