Rev. Scott Alexander

Scott is the UUFVB Minister

Economic Justice

Sermon 3 in the Year-Long Series, Unitarian Universalists and Culture, Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. Economic justice is one of the most elusive social ideals that any culture faces. What exactly does “economic justice” look like in any particular society? Who determines what level of … read more.


This Sunday I will continue my sermon series on Unitarian Universalists and Culture reflecting how well American culture is in terms of its civility. Almost everyone believes that civility is a good thing that smooths the “commerce and interactions” of any culture…but how do we–as … read more.

What is at Stake a Week from Tuesday

Each time a national election rolls around, the American people face clear and important decisions and policy choices that will directly affect the quality of our shared life. On November 6th, how we vote (and who we vote for) will determine much about what kind … read more.

Diversity and Inclusion

Sermon I in the Year-Long Series
“Unitarian Universalist and Culture’
In his famous 1951 book Christ and Culture, Protestant theologian H.Richard Niebuhr categorized all the ways he believed Christians must relate and respond to the culture they live in. Over the course of this sermon … read more.

Navigating Life’s Obstacles and Irritations

Scott writes: Recently, a member of our congregation-who was facing a significant obstacle in her life-taught me the value of keeping spiritual perspective, when she said to me, “Scott, don’t feel sorry for me, for this is (after all) a first-world problem.” We Americans-living in … read more.

When Religion Gets Dangerous

I believe these are very dangerous times for our nation. There is so much political, social, and moral upheaval across our land…and so many of our most deeply cherished American principles seem endangered…as do the foundational principles of our Unitarian Universalist faith. In times like … read more.

Do You Keep Sabbath?

Nestled within the 10 Commandments in ancient Jewish scripture is the injunction to “Remember the Sabbath day…and keep it holy” and faithful Jews-and many others-strive to observe a full day of rest and reflection each-and-every week. But for most of us modern-day Unitarian Universalists “keeping … read more.

Beware of the Hungry Hippos!

On this Sunday when Rev. Alexander is back with us from his summer travels, we will hear a sermon about the “true meaning of life,” by way of a fascinating and ancient Egyptian myth. Following the service, we will share in a catered summer brunch … read more.

Positive Aging

In his wonderful book “Seven Strategies for Positive Aging,” educational psychologist Dr. Robert Hill (who is a colleague of my psychologist brother, Dr. James Alexander, at the University of Utah), coins the phrase “Positive Aging.” This is my first sermon since I entered my 70th … read more.


Sermon 6 in the Year-long Series, “Living by the Fruits of the Spirit” Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. When St. Paul (in his Second Century letter to the Christians in Galatia–Galatians 5:16-27) compiled his list of the “Fruits of the Spirit”,  the last human virtue … read more.

What a Wonderful World

On this, our annual Music Sunday Celebration, Rev. Alexander, Paula Herger and the UUFVB Adult Choir will celebrate the beauty and grace of our world in poetry and song. The choir will sing a number of selections that celebrate our natural world, and Rev. Alexander … read more.

Easter Sunday–“How Hope Works”

Perhaps the most central spiritual theme of Easter is “Hope,” but I believe the human quality of hope is much more complicated than it first seems. We are living in times – both personal and global – when hope is sometimes difficult – if not … read more.

From Where We Come? – To Where Go?

Our congregation was formed 36 years ago–On March 14, 1982, to be precise–when 22 brave and optimistic people signed the membership book and launched the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach. They met Sunday in rented space at the Women’s Club downtown, and grew steadily. … read more.


“Living by the Fruits of the Spirit”
One of the dangers of preaching sermon series (as I do each year) is that every now again I am obliged to address a topic that personally challenges me. Patience is something that I sometimes find very difficult to embody in my living…and maybe patience, as the joke goes, is something you “want, and you want it now.” In any case be with me as I explore this elusive (and spiritually important) quality of human being.

The Spirituality of Kinship (Welcoming Sunday)

We’re calling this event “Welcoming Sunday” and extending a special invitation to our neighbors. Discover a spiritual community where you can think freely, speak freely, and ask questions. You can benefit from sharing a warm, welcoming community that embraces you just the way you are. Come this Sunday to hear Scott speak on the spiritual idea of “kinship” — with all life within and around us. Don’t miss the special coffee hour that will follow.

Stewardship Sunday

Sermon IV in the Year-Long Series “Living by the Fruit of the Spirit” When most of us think of “charity” we think of financial giving to persons, causes and institutions we care about. But charity as “fruit of the human spirit” is something altogether different. Surely it is a virtue to bring “a charitable spirit” to almost everything we do in our daily lives. Do be with us on this day we launch our Stewardship campaign to support our congregation for the 2018-2019 year.