Speaker: Rev. Scott Alexander

Scott is the UUFVB Minister

The Spirituality of Patience

It seems like an age ago now…but do you remember what was going through your mind back in early March when suddenly this Corona pandemic broke over America and radically disrupted almost every aspect of our daily lives? Well…I can tell you what I was thinking.

Who Are You Calling a Simpleton?

Scott writes,” Buddhist teachers talk constantly about the spiritual importance of keeping yourself focused in “The Present Moment,” but the inevitable distractions and complications of daily life seem to naturally mitigate against this. Still we must constantly remind ourselves that when it comes to … read more.

This Beautiful Tragedy

Scott writes,”Somewhere years ago, I heard this earthly life of ours described as “This Beautiful Tragedy.” I have long felt that this is an apt and poignant description of this complicated journey we call life. Indeed, perhaps the genesis of all religions is the … read more.

The Biggest Word in the Whole Wide World


Scott writes,

On this festive Sunday when we will enjoy our annual catered “Fellowship Brunch” (No reservations required…Too Jay’s Restaurant will provide the full, delicious breakfast buffet) I want to explore “The Biggest Word in the Whole Wide World.” No…it is not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (or … read more.

Is It Ever Right to Seek Vengeance?"

Scott writes,

Recent violent events in the Middle East–with one side or the other swearing to exact “vengeance”–has gotten me thinking about the spiritual, moral, and emotional dimensions of seeking “vengeance” or “retribution” for perceived injustices. As I reflected on this thorny human issue, I … read more.

Human Nature

Sermon V in the Year-Long Series “This I Believe”

Scott writes: Over the course of this year-long series, I am exploring central theological/intellectual concepts that give shape to our Unitarian Universalist faith. What we conclude–both theoretically and practically–about “Human Nature” will fundamentally shape how we … read more.

Can You Really Reinvent Yourself?

NEW YEAR’S BRUNCH SUNDAY Rev. Scott Alexander preaching. This is sermon 4 in the year-long series, “This I Believe.” Scott writes: “The New Year transition is a time that many people use to re-examine their lives and make fresh resolutions about the ways in which … read more.


Sermon IV in the Year-Long series “This I believe…”

Rev. Scott W. Alexander, preaching

Scott writes: Unitarian Universalist have long thought differently about Jesus of Nazareth than most American faith traditions. This Sunday before Christmas seemed like the perfect opportunity to reflect on what this most … read more.


Sermon 3 in the Year Long Series “This I Believe,” Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. Scott writes,” What better Sunday to address the timeless spiritual theme of “Gratitude” than on the Sunday before the Thanksgiving holiday? This year in particular I am personally … read more.

Getting to the Promised Land, the Right Way

Rev. Scott Alexander preaching. Scott writes, ” For some months now, a significant controversy has been raging within our liberal faith tradition. Unitarian Universalism is deeply committed to the protection and empowerment of historically marginalized populations (most especially racial, sexual, and gender minorities that … read more.