Speaker: Rev. Sarah York

Special Pulpit Guest

Blessed Be the Ties That Liberate

With inspiration from Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son, we will think about family ties, and the aspects of love and forgiveness that liberate us into meaningful relationships with others.

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Being Good for Nothing

Rev. Sarah York, UUFVB Affiliate Minister, pulpit guest. Rev. Scott Alexander, worship host. Sarah writes, “As religious liberals, we are not motivated toward moral behavior by the fear of everlasting punishment or the hope of heavenly reward. What is it in our faith, then, that … read more.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Drawing from her pilgrim journeys to Nepal; Thailand; and Iona, Scotland; Rev. York explores the role of fear in our spiritual growth. Sarah is an author, spiritual director and retired UU minister serving part-time as UUA Consultant for Ethics in Congregational Life. She and her … read more.

Sexual Harassment: A Touchy Subject

Pulpit Guest Rev. Sarah York; Pulpit host Rev. Scott W. Alexander. Rev. York writes: “While political and religious scandals highlight high-profile cases of sexual harassment or misconduct and stir memories and emotions, I will reflect on the subtle dynamics of gender and power that affect … read more.

Life’s Constant Project

Rev. Sarah York has been a friend and colleague of mine for more than 40 years.  She is a highly-respected minister and author, certified spiritual director and consultant, who lives with her husband Chuck on a farm with their beloved goats (they raise them!) in … read more.