Speaker: Rev. Sarah York

Special Pulpit Guest

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Drawing from her pilgrim journeys to Nepal; Thailand; and Iona, Scotland; Rev. York explores the role of fear in our spiritual growth. Sarah is an author, spiritual director and retired UU minister serving part-time as UUA Consultant for Ethics in Congregational Life. She and her … read more.

Sexual Harassment: A Touchy Subject

Pulpit Guest Rev. Sarah York; Pulpit host Rev. Scott W. Alexander. Rev. York writes: “While political and religious scandals highlight high-profile cases of sexual harassment or misconduct and stir memories and emotions, I will reflect on the subtle dynamics of gender and power that affect … read more.

Life’s Constant Project

Rev. Sarah York has been a friend and colleague of mine for more than 40 years.  She is a highly-respected minister and author, certified spiritual director and consultant, who lives with her husband Chuck on a farm with their beloved goats (they raise them!) in … read more.