Speaker: Rev. Dr. Crystal Bujol

Rev. Dr. Crystal Bujol is a writer, storyteller, Healing Coach, Spiritual Therapist, licensed Religious Science Practitioner, Spiritual Psychologist and retired pastor. She has taught and counseled for over thirty-five years. She has presented several sermons to UUFVB.

So Now What Do We Do?

1619: It is not a year that most Americans know as a notable date in our country’s history. Those who do are at most a tiny fraction of those who can tell you that 1776 is the year of our nation’s birth. What if, however, we were to tell you that this fact, which is taught in our schools and unanimously celebrated every Fourth of July, is wrong, and that the country’s true birth date, the moment that its defining contradictions first came into the world, was in late August of 1619?

How to Construct a Castle

Crystal Bujol, pulpit guest, Crystal writes, “I will offer some ideas for connecting with one’s inherent spirituality and using it to build something greater than a wall, the thing that seems to be on the tip of the tongues of so many people these days. … read more.