Speaker: Rev. Carole Yorke

Rev. Carole Yorke is a retired UU Minister

A Spirituality of Aging

Rev. Yorke writes:

My 40’s,50’s,60’s – been there, done that – distinctive decades in my spiritual journey. So how do I now face my 70’s with a new set of “rules”? What matters most? How can I engage in “Wise aging”?



In keeping with Rev. Alexander’s year-long sermon series on our Unitarian Universalist values, I will be contributing to the series by talking about “Kindness” with words from the New Testament, as well as from my five-year-old niece in New Jersey. Rev. Yorke is our UUFVB … read more.

Living Into and Out of Love

Good religion, like a good lover, will draw out the best in you; it will call you forth into a new light where who you are and what you do, is congruent with what you believe. That’s what Unitarian Universalism asks us to do: To … read more.


If I don’t have compassion for myself I cannot have it for anyone else. Where and how can we begin to flesh out compassion for ourselves first and find and recognize ways that we can and do give it to others?

There is No Text for … read more.