Speaker: Dr. Crystal Bujol

A Mother’s Day Message

Mother’s Day can be a day of rejoicing for some, and a day of tranquility for others. It can be filled with pleasantries for some and filled with distant memories for others. Or it can be a day of self-reflection and contemplation of what we … read more.

We’re All In It Together

Member Rev. Crystal Bujol speaking in observance of Black History Month. Crystal says, “In a nutshell, we can’t make a chocolate pie without chocolate! Black history is part of the American pie, most of it is really delicious!” She will offer some slices of this pie to help us remember that “We’re All In It Together!”

Auld Lang Syne

I just celebrated my 80th birthday. Instead of wishing me a happy birthday, my youngest son Jeryl, congratulates me for completing another “trip around the sun!” As I get older, I find myself growing tired of lugging so much paper, trinkets, and files in my … read more.

Follow the Drinking Gourd

The North Star is one of the guiding lights that helped slaves escape to freedom from the southern states’ plantations and terrors of slavery. The star sits at the tip of the big dipper, and the slaves called it the drinking gourd. In 2016, Glenn Rogers, Crystal Bujol and Nancy Stiefel created a presentation based on Glenn Roger’s idea and research for a Black History Production. With assistance from Susan Schmitke, a modification of that production will be presented to the congregation this Sunday. Follow the Drinking Gourd!