The Humorous and the Religious

The Rev. Dr. Paul Johnson, Pulpit Guest. Rev. Johnson writes:”The nineteenth century agnostic orator Robert Ingersol once noted that theologians have been very leery of humor and there are no petitions for a sense of humor in the prayer books of the world. This holds true to a large degree in our present day, I believe. In my sermon I will argue this notion, suggesting ways in which humor and religion are hilariously related and mutually reinforcing to great human benefit.” The Rev. Dr. Paul Johnson holds the Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Divinity degrees from Meadville/Lombard Theological School,Chicago, and has served congregations in MN,VA, MD,NJ, and NY. After 14 years as senior minister of the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock on Long Island, he came in 2016 to serve as Developmental Minister to the Treasure Coast UU Congregation of Stuart, FL.

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