Reflections of “The 1619 Project”

This year–2019–marks the 400th anniversary since the first enslaved Africans landed in Port Comfort, Virginia. As the New York Times recently observed as it launched “The 1619 Project” slavery “Is the country’s very origin. Out of slavery–and the anti-black racism it required–grew nearly everything that has truly made American exceptional: its economic might, its industrial power, its electoral system, diet, popular music, the inequities of its public health and education, its astonishing penchant for violence, its income inequality, the example it sets for the world as a land of freedom and equality, its slang, its legal system and the endemic racial fears and hatreds that continue to plague it to this day.” On this Sunday, we will reflect on America’s “original sin” and the incredible moral and social work it challenges us to address.

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