Auld Lang Syne

I just celebrated my 80th birthday. Instead of wishing me a happy birthday, my youngest son Jeryl, congratulates me for completing another “trip around the sun!” As I get older, I find myself growing tired of lugging so much paper, trinkets, and files in my suitcases. Each year when I board Southwest Airlines for my annual trek around the sun, I wonder why I packed so much! I don’t know how I manage to accumulate so much “stuff”. Last month I noticed that I was out of breath trying to lug all the things I packed. I need to reduce my load. I need to figure out how to travel lighter. Instead of dragging my 3 old worn-out bags of “stuff”, I need to figure out how to make the next trip with hands free, with a lighter load, and a freedom of spirit that lets my soul soar! Yes, I need to do this for Auld Lang Syne…for old times sake…as well as for the rest of my future. Perhaps you may want to do the same. Let’s talk about this on May 21.

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