An Open Letter to Donald Trump

This week Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the new President of these United States. During his campaign, he staked out many policy positions which Unitarian Universalists find morally unacceptable. He promised–among other things–to ignore global climate change, gut the Environmental Protection Agency and withdraw from all international climate agreements, reinstate torture as a military policy, revoke medical insurance coverage for millions of the poor, deport millions of undocumented Americans, discriminate against Muslim people, support harsh “laws and order” police tactics, and end immigration from much of the world. Although it must be acknowledged that in the weeks since the election he has softened some of these hard positions, his Presidency will undoubtedly oblige progressive Americans to resist. Sometimes those “out of power” describe themselves as the “loyal opposition,” I will suggest that for progressive Americans we may need to now practice the more active stance of “patriotic resistance.”

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