re-middle-schoolSeekers explore and articulate their attitudes and beliefs about people in the Bible, God, death, sexuality and Unitarian Universalism through participation in programs such as :

  • Our Whole Lives (OWL)
  • Coming of Age (COA)
  • Neighboring Faiths (NF)

This year middle school youth are participating in the COA curriculum:

How Can I Know What to Believe?
by Charlene Brotman & Barbara Marshman

Monthly sessions will encourage youth to explore their personal beliefs about God, Jesus, people, the Bible, death and religion. The fall focus will be beliefs about God and people. This engaging, thought provoking curriculum is interactive and written specifically for junior high youth.

Facilitator: Claudia Jiménez

Below are other curricula offered to our youth.

Our Whole Lives (OWL):

Our Whole Lives is the result of collaborative effort by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the United Church of Christ’s (UCC) Board for Homeland Ministries.  The UUA and the UCC share the assumption that religious communities must take an active role in the promotion of education and justice in human sexuality.  OWL is about much more than just anatomy and health.  It is also about values, respect, emotions and justice.  OWL helps participants develop and articulate their religious and sexual values and make responsible, healthy decisions based on those values.  The curriculum is interactive, meaning that the participants engage in dialogue, role-playing and game playing, rather than listening to lectures.  A complete curriculum is available for review.  The DRE is available to consult with parents to design a program suited to their teen’s needs regarding OWL participation.  Mandatory parent OWL orientations are offered twice a year before the program begins in the fall.  Contact DRE for details.

Coming of Age (COA):

The Coming of Age (COA) program offers youth in grades 7-9 the opportunity to explore their own spiritual and religious beliefs, and their Unitarian Universalist heritage as they prepare to become junior members of the congregation.  The transition from childhood to adolescence is an exciting time in the life of our youth.  We offer a challenging, inspiring and fun two-year program to help our UU teens navigate through an often-tumultuous period in their lives.  This year COA youth will meet two Sundays a month.  Coming of Age graduation requirements are listed below.  Each child will have a file to keep track of their progress.

  • Attend Sunday sessions twice a month
  • Complete 24 volunteer hours in the community
  • Complete 24 volunteer hours in the Fellowship
  • Complete a statement of belief which will be shared at the graduation celebration on Religious Education Sunday

Neighboring Faiths:

This curriculum explores world religions. Youth will have an opportunity to choose which religions to explore and which houses of worship to visit. This is a challenging, interactive curriculum which provides many opportunities for youth leadership and decision making. Neighboring Faiths (NF) will meet twice a month and will include all middle and high school youth.


Contact our Director of Lifespan Religious Education at:, or call (772) 778-5880.