Youth group participation is recommended for high school youth (Grade 9-12), and youth who have completed or are enrolled in the Coming of Age program.

 Philosopher’s Club

Youth will use the Small Group Ministry model to explore topics and issues relevant to their lives and to what is happening in society.

Purpose: Minister to each other and provide opportunities for spiritual growth by

  1. Paying attention & listening to each other
  2. Acknowledging all are “teachers” and “learners”
  3. Encouraging each other and sharing about our spiritual journeys

SOURCE:  Small Group Ministry for Youth by Rev. Helen Zidoweck; adapted

Facilitators: Steve Lapointe, Woody Sutton


  • Worship
  • Community building
  • Social action
  • Learning
  • Leadership
  • Youth/adult relations


Contact our DRE for information about this year’s youth advisors. Advisor training is required. The DRE can be contacted for youth advisory requirements.

There are times…in which we are strong, and there are times…in which it is hazardous for us to go it alone (We) need to have support for one another in low moments and on the other hand, have outlets for strength when we are strong. Angus MacLean


Contact our Director of Religious Education at:, or call (772) 778-5880.