The Mission of the Adult Religious Committee is to deepen and strengthen spirituality in our beloved community.

Adult Religious Education (ARE) serves the congregation by providing targeted programs that facilitate lifelong spiritual growth and exploration. Areas of focus include theological and ethical discourse and spiritual beliefs and practices. Some lectures and workshops are planned, but the primary learning model is self-study followed by small group discussion.

Programs are planned by the ARE Committee in consultation with the minister. Suggestions and new committee members are welcomed and the current co-chairs, Kristen Jolly and Jen Sutton, are always happy to answer any questions

Current and Planned Programs:

  • Facing Death with Life (Winter 2018) is described as a program that facilitates a process of personal reflection, learning, and spiritual growth focused on the topic of death and dying. Drawing on a variety of contemporary religious and secular resources, it helps participants move from viewing death as an abstract concept to developing a personal recognition of its meaning in their lives. From UUA Tapestry of Faith.
  • Build Your Own Theology (Summer 2018) This classic UU adult education program invites participants to develop their own personal credos in a small group setting. Affords participants an opportunity for deeper exploration into who they are and who they want to be. By Richard Gilbert, published by UUA.
  • Hindsight, Humor and Hope (Fall 2018) Helps people as they begin to redesign their later years into a time of reflection, discernment, soul stretching, and new life possibilities. This gift of extended years finds many people becoming elders with deep personal questions such as, Who am I now? and What will I do that is meaningful? From UUA Tapestry of Faith.

Information about upcoming programs including how to sign-up will be published in the Congregational Record and announced from the pulpit starting about six weeks before the commencement of the program.

Book Group:
The UUFVB Book Group meets on the fourth Sunday of each month (except December) at 11:30 AM. See more information Here.

Covenant Groups:
UUFVB has a robust Covenant Group program.  Click Here for Detailed Information: