The Finance Committee:
Works with the Treasurer in preparation of the annual budget, review of insurance, endowments, monitoring of invested funds and the actual auditing of the financial records.  Money — how we raise it and how we spend it — that is what this committee is all about. For more information, or to join our committee, e-mail us at:, or call  (772) 778-5880.


The purpose of the Finance Committee is:

  1. to further the mission of UUFVB.
  2. to prepare the Ministry and Facilities operating budgets and, following a review by the Board, present them to the membership for approval at the Annual meeting.
  3. to provide the information necessary for the Board and the committees of UUFVB to meet their fiduciary responsibilities.


  • The Finance Committee shall include the Treasurer, the Stewardship and Capital Campaign Chairs when active, a representative from the Public Programs Committee, the Rental Business Committee, the Bridges Committee, the Endowment Fund Committee, the Fundraising Sub-committee, and other members of the Fellowship with financial credentials and an interest in the financial stewardship of the Fellowship.
  • The committee shall report directly to the Board of Trustees.

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