The Denominational Connections Committee

It is important to stay informed about UU doings in the region, state and country.  It is a great opportunity to meet people from other congregations, exchange ideas, learn new ways to tackle congregational issues and find out what other interesting things are going on with Florida UUs.  We encourage participation by members in attending conferences, and promoting support of UUA activities.

How is the denomination organized?

The UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) could be likened to the parents of UU congregations in the United States.  There are 19 districts nationally (siblings), of which the Florida District is one.  The Florida District is comprised of 43 congregations (cousins), including the Panhandle, southern Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Two other noteworthy committee functions –

  • The Denominational Connections Committee introduces members to the Florida Chalice Lighter program.  Participants in the program are asked no more than three times a year to contribute $10 toward helping another Florida congregation expand, hire a minister, renovate a building, etc. $10 multiplied many times produces a significant amount of useful money.  For instance, UUFVB was the recipient of several thousand Chalice Lighter dollars when we asked for help with construction of our current facility.
  • Each month a column appears in the UUFVB newsletter, Congregational Record, listing upcoming seminars and gatherings around the state and institute opportunities nationwide.  The column is called “Beyond Us.”

If you’d like to work with this interesting committee, members are always warmly welcomed.  Come think beyond Vero Beach.  It is an enlightening and satisfying experience.

For more information, or to join our committee, email us at:, or call  (772) 778-5880.


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