Welcome! Unitarian Universalist Children’s Religious Education programs support the spiritual growth of children and youth in our UU community.

The LRE committee has the responsibility of planning and supervising the children and youth programs (grades K-12) for UUFVB.  This committee establishes a curriculum plan for children and youth programming, helps recruit volunteer facilitators, sets appropriate policies and budgets, organizes fUUn events and evaluates the ministry of religious Education in the congregation.  We welcome new members interested in supporting and participating in creating learning and community building opportunities for children and youth.

Program Goals:

  • To create a safe, caring, welcoming community in which youth and adults explore religious ideas together;
  • To help youth develop personal spiritual practices that they can draw upon as they mature;
  • To discuss the importance of community service, and encourage youth to develop and participate in outreach projects;
  • To explore personal values and develop critical thinking skills through examination of different religious doctrines, and discussion of philosophical questions and current ethical issues in age appropriate ways;
  • To explore and learn about out Unitarian Universalist heritage using the various sources that inspire our tradition (Jewish, Christian, Humanist, World Religions and Earth-Centered traditions);
  • To provide worship experiences for youth and children.

Who are We?  Where do we meet?

Our programs provide age-appropriate learning.

• Wee Ones (Infants-Kindergartners):  More than babysitting, the intentional care we provide offers a chance to experience love; to experience trust.  Wee ones will be in the assigned Bridges childcare room with a paid, adult childcare provider.

• Elementary Explorers (Grade 1-5): Learning from wisdom stories and their own questions while they begin to practice trust.

• Junior Seekers (Junior youth group; Grades 6-8):  Exploring and articulating their attitudes and beliefs about Unitarian Universalism, religion, community service and ethical issues in age appropriate ways. They meet in the Youth Room on the 1st floor.

• All ages “Spirit of Adventure & Spiritual Toolbox” (Grades K-8): Children will meet on the 2nd floor. They will begin in the Julia Ward Howard Room for check-in; lessons and activities will be offered in the Olympia Brown Room.

Special Programs:

OWL – Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education (Grades 7 – 9)

COA  – Coming of Age Exploring spiritual and religious beliefs.

Leadership: Director of Religious Education (DRE)

Teacher training is offered each year to review lesson plans and basic information necessary to work with our children on Sunday mornings.

Questions? Contact our DRE at:,  or call  (772) 778-5880.

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