Serve on a Committee:

Being on a committee not only helps the Fellowship but it is a great way to meet people and feel a part of the congregation. There are many things that are being done to keep UUFVB operating smoothly.

Our Fellowship is a “pitch in” congregation where much of the work is done by experienced and new members. To help you select those areas in which you would like to be most active, we present this introduction to committees.

For the names and phone numbers of committee chairs, call the Fellowship Office at (772) 778-5880.

This page describes the principle Congregation Committess. For the full Leadership Roster click here: Leadership Roster

Committee Descriptions: (Click “Detailed Description” for more information):

Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 1:00pm, Office Support volunteers provide a cheerful presence at the front desk to answer the phone, greet arrivals and do light clerical work and photo-copying as needed by the Administrator or staff. Computer skills are helpful but not necessary. Four hours a week are requested of volunteers.
Other volunteers handle donations to our second hand Book Cart and the Little Free Library which is posted just outside the Bridges Early Learning Center. Some assist our librarian to maintain the UUFVB lending and theological research library. The volunteer Historical Archivist can always use additional help with assembling scrapbooks of current history, in print and pictures.

Adult Religious Education (Detailed Description):
The Adult RE committee is responsible for planning and supervising adult programs (18 and beyond) for UUFVB. This committee requests input from the congregation on topics of interest, recruits facilitators, publicizes programs and evaluates the ministry of adult religious Education in the congregation. We welcome new members interested in supporting and participating in creating learning and community building opportunities for adults.

Children’s Religious Education (Detailed Description):
The Children’s RE committee, in conjunction with our Director of Religious Education (DRE), is responsible for planning and supervising the children and youth programs (grades K- 12) for UUFVB. This committee establishes a curriculum plan for children and youth programming, helps recruit volunteer facilitators, sets appropriate policies and budgets, organizes fUUn events and evaluates the ministry of religious Education in the congregation. We welcome new members interested in supporting and participating in creating learning and community building opportunities for children and youth.

A dedicated group of volunteers handles press releases and other aspects of communication for community outreach, including the operation and upkeep of this website. Our Facebook page is monitored by a volunteer and items may be inserted by the congregation but are vetted before appearing. Our twice monthly newsletter is prepared by volunteers and is distributed both by e-mail and snail mail. The weekly listing of calendar events is prepared by the church office and posted in the lobby.  A full calendar of events may be seen by scrolling down to the bottom of the list of “Things to do” on the right side of this page.

Denominational Connections (Detailed Description):
It is important to stay informed about UU doings in the region, state and country. It is a great opportunity to meet people from other congregations, exchange ideas, learn new ways to tackle congregational issues and find out what other interesting things are going on with Florida UUs. We encourage participation by members in attending conferences, and promoting support of UUA activities.

Endowment (Detailed Description):

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to provide funding to enhance the mission of the Fellowship in areas that cannot be funded immediately by the Operating Fund.  The Fund has a principle amount which provides several thousand dollars are year in interest payments which are utilized by the Fund to meet requests from various committees of the Fellowship.

Facilities Council (Detailed Description):
Provides maintenance of the buildings, minor repairs, landscaping, opening and closing of the buildings as well as helping with aesthetic decisions – – – this committee is always open to new volunteers. For more information or to volunteer for a task large or small e-mail us at:, or call (772) 778-5880.

Finance (Detailed Description):
Works with the Treasurer in preparation of the annual budget, review of insurance, endowments, monitoring of invested funds and the actual auditing of the financial records. Money — how we raise it and how we spend it — that is what this committee is all about.

Fundraising and Stewardship (Detailed Description):
The Fundraising Committee searches for and implements new and creative ways to engender community spirit and visibility while providing a means to help fund our Fellowship’s programs. This is accomplished by means of hosting events such as picnics, garage sales and dinners.

The Stewardship Committee educates the congregation regarding financial commitment and runs the annual pledge campaign for the Fellowship’s Ministry operating budget.

Lay Pastoral (Detailed Description):
Our Lay Pastoral team works in partnership with the minister to respond to the full range of life experiences, including providing support for those who are ill or have suffered a loss. The team meets regularly to ensure that, to the best of our ability, we are connecting with all members who need our care.

Long-Range Planning:
The purpose of the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is to facilitate the development of a long-range plan for the congregation which establishes a set of directions and specific projects that the congregation has determined to implement over the course of 1-5 years. These plans are frequently reviewed and updated as needed. The Committee reports directly to the Board of Trustees. For more information, e-mail us at: or call (772) 778-5880.

Membership (Detailed Description):
It is the Membership Committee’s responsibility to integrate new members into the Fellowship. This includes efforts to invite people to attend services, provide education about Unitarian Universalism, and explain the benefits and responsibilities of membership. (New members to the committee itself are always welcome!)
To contact the membership committee, or to inquire about joining our congregation, please send e-mail to: or call (772) 778-5880.

Music Program (Detailed Description):
The mission of the Music Committee is to create and support an inspiring and vibrant music program that is spiritually fulfilling, aesthetically pleasing, and educational. Working closely with the Director of Music, the committee acts t to ensure a music program that supports the worship of the congregation and will act as a central resource for promoting and coordinating UUFVB musical activities. Working closely with the Director of Music, the Music Committee has the budgetary responsibility for substitute pianists in the absence of the Director of Music, guest musicians, maintenance and development of the choral library, and maintenance of the church’s musical instruments. This committee welcomes all lovers of music, musicians and non-musicians alike, to participate in supporting the music program at UUFVB.

UU Service Committee (Detailed Description):
Affirming the inherent worth and dignity of every person, UUSC works through the Unitarian Universalists Association to eradicate economic injustice, defend civil liberties, and promote environmental justice by: engaging our members and supporters to be activists, partnering with communities and organizations confronting unjust power structures, and challenging oppressive policies in the United States and around the world.  The local committee coordinates the annual Guest at Your Table fund raiser.

Social Justice (Detailed Description):
The Social Justice Committee is our conscience and helps us to realize our mission statement. The SJC acts as a coordinating committee for the various social justice sub committees that operate events geared toward that theme. Through meetings, events and forums, committee members keep us informed and up to date on social issues that we as a congregation can do something about. If you want your words and deeds to have an impact, you belong here.

The A/V Group:
The A/V Group is a subcommittee of the Facilities Council and is responsible for staffing and operating audio and visual systems within the Fellowship. These systems include equipment in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.

Sanctuary A/V equipment consists of a 38-channel audio mixer, a 4-input by 4-output matrix video switch, two XGA video projectors, an HD video camera, a laptop computer controller, a Blue-Ray video player, and seventeen spot and flood lights that illuminate the chancel. Fellowship Hall equipment consists a 12-channel audio mixer and a to-be-installed video projector.

The Group provides audio, video and lighting services for Fellowship Sunday worship, Emerson Center events and Rental events year-round.

The Group is staffed by a Chairman, several member volunteers and an occasional contractor for major functions.

The Worship Committee provides support to the Minister in all matters regarding Sunday worship services, working in dialogue with the Director of Music and the Music Committee. It assists in planning inter-generational services and special worship events. It also works with the minister to ensure quality worship services on a year-round basis, including arranging for guest speakers on those Sundays when the minister is not in the pulpit. The Worship Committee provides training for individuals who act at Pulpit Host for guest speakers.
For more information, or to join the committee, send an e-mail to:, or call the Fellowship office at (772) 778-5880.

For more information about any of the committees, e-mail us at:, or call (772) 778-5880.

For Committee Chalice Lighting Suggested Words: Click Here

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