Flame of Life and Light
Blaze again in our Hearts and Minds
As We Join Together in this Space Made Sacred by our Aspirations.
Let us Celebrate the gift that is our Life
And Seek the Great Love that Joins all Beings as One.
New Unity Website

Remember that you are lovable, valuable and powerful. You are worthy of love and you deserve to be happy. You have these beautiful qualities and many more because you are living the gift of a human incarnation. My hope is that you can start to embrace these truths.
David Simon

In our faith every individual is expected, with the help of clergy and community to nurture and tend the garden of his or her own religious life each and every day.
Rev Scott Alexander

For the gift of this day and for our community of spiritual nurturing and compassion, we give thanks. We light this chalice as a symbol of our faith . May our many sparks meet and merge in Communion of heart and soul.
Bruce Southworth

May this flame go up and remind us that our faith is good; every one of us can bring love to the world. May this chalice burn with clear flame as a symbol of our path; every one of us can have joy, peace and harmony in our hearts. May through this flame the wisdom of ages speak to us and stay in us; every one of us can be a blessing to the world.
Rev. Jill McAllister, UU Minister

Breath of the divine, light a flame of reflection in all that we do. Breath of strength, light a flame of courage to be who we are. Breath of creation, light a flame of connection to our circle of care. Breath of wonder, light a flame of celebration for our future unfolds the Covenant of this day.
Rev. Jill McAllister

We light our chalice of hope, the symbol of our faith, in the spirit of hope. We reflect for a moment, in this place of simple beauty, on the meaning of hope in our lives.
Rev. Jill McAllister

The light of life shines through the eyes of each and every person. The light of truth shines through each life. May the light of this chalice remind us that our search for truth and light is ongoing, and is enhanced by every person we meet. May we honor the light in each other.
Rev. Jill McAllister

The chalice lighting words are set up in styles that are most suitable to certain types of committees, but any of them may be used by anyone.  These are presented to you courtesy of your Spirituality Task Force.

There are also Chalice Lighting words appropriate for book study groupsfinance-oriented groups, Religious Education/Bridges groups and Social Justice groups.

There is a three-ring Binder in the UU library that contains these readings.

To download any or all chalice lighting words in .PDF or MS Word format, return to the Chalice Lighting home page: HERE

Questions?    E-mail us at:  info@uufvb.org, or call (772) 778-5880.


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