Deep conversations and heart-fel t connections.

What is a Covenant Group

Covenant groups are a vital part of our Unitarian Universalist congregation. Groups of about 10 people meet monthly to reflect on and discuss significant life topics, exploring the foundations of our most deeply held beliefs. Through the covenanting process, group members set their own ground rules and learn new ways of being together without making judgements or corrections.

Who is it for

 The groups are NOT for those who seek therapy, intellectual debate, or a social gathering – but are places in which individuals hear and accept how others frame their lives in terms of important ideas and issues. In addition to connecting during monthly discussions, members are encouraged to participate in a service project with their group during the year. Groups are coordinated by trained facilitators, and each group covers the same topic each month.

Open Enrollment

Covenant groups are great places to get to know other people, and to get to know yourself. Over time, through a year-long commitment or longer, participants build deep connections with one another. Open enrollment for covenant groups occurs each year in November, with new groups starting in January. Both daytime and evening groups are available. Enrollment is open to UU Members and friends and is free to join.


For more information on the program please contact Patty Walker at, or Ginger Heller at, or Lisa Turano at If you are interested in joining a Covenant group, see below to download an enrollment form. Please deliver the completed form to the Covenant Group mailbox in the UUFVB office, and someone will contact you.