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January 1st, 2023

Reverend Kenn Hurto

Almost Counts — in Horseshoes, Archery and Anchoring Your Soul.”

Unitarian Universalists are ambitious, dedicated and, sometimes, perfectionistic. Alas, the perfect can be the enemy of the good. As the wheel turns to a new year, let’s be bold and humble about ur aspirations — for ourselves (resolutions, humbug), our companions, partners, parents, children, our church, and a society that needs so much healing. Aspire to greatness; honor the 80/20 rule of plenty good enough.

January 8th, 2023

Reverend Kaaren Anderson

Eve’s Human Mess Up”

We often think that the central dichotomy in the world or in ourselves is good vs evil, but Eve’s story has something to teach us about what might be at the center of our own yearnings to understand ourselves and others.

January 15,th 2023

Reverend Chuck McNatt

“There Is A Calm Center”

Sometimes the storms of life, whether outward; like hurricanes, economic stresses, family issues; or inward like anxiety, depression, obsessive thought; can seem so oppressive that we forget that there is a calm, quiet center. There really is.

January 22rd, 2023

Reverend Kaaren Anderson

“Salvation by Character”

The things we think are at our center sometimes aren’t what others see. Could it be that others see us clearer than we can see ourselves?, and if so, what do we need to shed or accept to live into our fullest selves.

January 29th, 2023

Dr. Reverend Crystal Bujol

“The Popcorn Mafia”

I am sharing an African American story that I doubt you ever heard about, ever considered, ever knew anything related to it. It is a factual story that caused great fear of being physically challenged by the 2 girls who were the targets of the harmful situation, and the way they dealt with it. I am one of those girls. Based on my belief at the time, I didn’t understand how and why it came into my life, since “What goes around comes around.” And based on my belief at the time, I thought I would not have to figure out what to do but instead, a supernatural force called God would make it all go away. Based on the facts, at the time, it was not handled by any outside force. Now, in the “Bye and Bye,” I think it was, but you be the judge after you hear the story. You decide which UU Principal was activated. You decide if there is anything in this purely African American story that applies to you.

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