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July 3rd, 2022

Reverend Chuck McNatt

“Jesus on the Road”

A fictional story written by Rev. McNatt about a young man named Jesus (or Hesus as a pronounced in Spanish) who is walking – on the road traveling to paradise. He talks to various folks he meets who offer him their opinion of “paradise” and perhaps the road to it. On Sunday, he happens upon a Unitarian Universalist church which different (UU).

July 10th, 2022

Reverend John Brown

“The Challenge of Perfectionism”

This age-old problem needs to be monitored. The consequences can be costly. This issue can impact our relationship with others as well as ourselves. So what can be done about this issue? Dr. Brown will explore some of the ways of managing perfectionism.

July 17th, 2022

Reverend Crystal Bujol

“Round, and Round, and Round She Goes, and Where She Stops, Everybody Knows”

My message will be about how the matriarch gave way to the patriarch in the past and now we are reaping the “benefit.” If we don’t want to be in this ditch again in the future, we need to be careful how we swing the Pendulum this time, hence, the sermon title!

July 24th, 2022

Reverend John Brown

“The Mystery of Expectation”

We are not able to control the future, but when the future becomes the present we do have some options. This sermon will explore the spiritual and psychological ways of addressing various expectations in our life. It has been said that if we do not learn from the past it will keep repeating itself. What are some lessons that might be helpful for us?

July 31st, 2022

Reverend Carole Yorke

“Life After Roe: Healing the World?”

I cannot remember being this angry back in the 70s when fighting for the passage of Roe v Wade. Not only because of the loss of abortion rights, which is bad enough. This will and has already begun to affect everyone’s privacy: abortion, interracial marriage, same sex marriage, consensual sex in your own home, contraception, parents educating their children…the potential scope is vast. I feel rage. Let’s explore turning rage into action.

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