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February 6th, 2022

“Heaven is a Potluck Party”

Reverend Sarah York

The radical teachings of Jesus speak to us of recognizing the dynamics of power in human relationships before we can widen the circle of solidarity to include people who are not like us.

February 13th, 2022

“A Drop in the Bucket – Love 2.0” 

Reverend Kaaren Anderson

What would it mean for us to get past our understanding of love in the convention-al sense, love as only romantic, or platonic, or for family. Valentine’s Day demands a widening view, to not only expand our own hearts but others as well.

February 20th, 2022

“Widening Our Understanding of History”

Reverend Kaaren Anderson

Critical Race Theory is at its most basic a real reckoning with our past, which includes, well. . . some unmitigated naked truths. In accepting those truths as facts, as ours, how can we better dream of an America that expands us, en-livens us, and seeks to heal rather than further divide?

February 27th 2022

“The Empathy Gap”

Reverend Kaaren Anderson

 An exploration of what we mean when we say that we feel someone else’s pain.