OCT. 3RD, 2021

“The Holy is More Than the Sum of its Part

Rev. Sarah York

Our relationship to the holy is shaped by our human interactions and our engagement with the natural world.  As we note the uses and abuses of the concept of God, we will think about how we experience the Holy in our daily lives.

OCT. 10TH, 2021

“Lessons on Loneliness”

Rev. Kaaren Anderson

On discovering new ways to connect

OCT. 17TH, 2021

“Liberating Oneself from Unhappiness”

Rev. Kaaren Anderson

Could it be that our unhappiness is not from the state of the country or the pandemic or our worry over economic injustice righting itself, but a far simpler answer?  In this month of Cultivating Relationships, perhaps the key to finding happiness takes more than enriching the soil and watering potential growth, but also eradicating the garden of weeds.

OCT. 24TH, 2021

“Facing Fear in The Midst of The Unexpected”

Rev. Dr. John Brown

My sermon will focus on the importance of understanding and coping with fear. An important Unitarian principle is to pursue, “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” If we are not careful fear can sabotage this search, especially in relationship with others. All of us face unexpected events in our lives, so what are our options from a psychological and spiritual perspective?

OCT. 31TH, 2021

“Memory Tree Service – The Letters”

Rev. Kaaren Anderson

A ritual of remembrance and love for those we’ve lost to death.

This is an intergenerational service, kids 8 on up are encouraged to participate in this service.