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JULY 4TH, 2021

“Reflections on Patriotism”

Worship Committee, Mrs. Laura Matson.  Andrew Sorbo.  Dick Atkinson


JULY 11TH, 2021


BERT is a theological acronym for the four main sources for knowing God or whatever takes the place of that title in one’s mind. It stands for Bible/Experience/Reason/Tradition. Bible for us means scripture or any writings one finds to be a pointer to that ineffable we seek to know.

Rev. Charles McNatt

We Unitarian Universalists agree on many things, the Seven Principles foremost, and generally a number of other basic concepts, beliefs, and orientations to life. Still, we are individuals, many of us coming out of widely differing faith traditions and having differing preferred approaches to seeking answers to the biggest questions of life and to satisfying our spiritual needs. How do we all find what we need in our “big tent” of Unitarian Universalism? 

JULY 18TH, 2021

“What We have Accomplished Together…”

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

 Scott writes:

We have been together as minister and congregation for more than eleven years now. As I get ready to retire, I would like to set this Sunday aside to look back on all that we have accomplished together. 

JULY 25TH, 2021

“The Aloha Sermon”

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

Scott writes:

I wanted a title for this “last” sermon as your settled minister that reflected the depth and breadth of my feelings for this congregation, and the word “Aloha” immediately came to mind. When I looked the word up on the internet, I found this:

We all know the word Aloha to be associated with the island of Hawaii. It is used today to day to say hello, goodbye and I love you. But is it also a way of life…it’s interacting rightfully in the natural world sometimes known as “The Way of Aloha”…Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of me.

Do be with us for this special Sunday, and the indoor summer picnic that will follow at 11 AM.