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APR. 4TH, 2021 (Easter Sunday)

“Easter Doesn’t Happen All at Once”

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

As we now slowly come out of the Covid pandemic (which has been more than a year-long “Good Friday” event of death and sorrow in the life of humanity) surely we are all aware that most often “Easter doesn’t happen all at once.” In every place I have ever lived, Winter usually turns to Spring in fits and starts over many weeks. And spiritually and emotionally speaking, when our lives are swept into darkness and difficulty, it often takes us a long time to recover our equilibrium and joy. Do be with us this Easter Sunday when we reflect on these complicated truths.  

APR. 11TH, 2021

“Is There a Commonweal”

Rev. Kenneth Hurto, Pulpit Guest

Rev. Hurto, is one of our highly valued Affiliate ministers. Before his retirement here in Vero Beach, he had a long and distinguished career both as a UU parish minister and denominational executive. He writes of his sermon,

The U.S. has become a sorely divided nation with profound differences about what is the “American Way?” Are there any shared, clear values as about what is the real American? Clearly, we face a societal regression that threatens a dystopian future, cultural war over our differences that has gone hot, relying on violence over reason and argument for a common good. IIs the Scriptural call that we be a “Shining City on the Hill” become passé? Have we given up on truth, justice, and the American way? And, how shall Unitarian Universalists, committed to our values and inspired by the ideal of a Beloved Community, contend with the passionate nativism, the assertion of white supremacy as America First, and the perversion of the teachings of Jesus by some identified Christian in service of violence and hatred?”

Do be with us to hear Rev. Hurto’s reflections.

APR. 18TH, 2021

“Beware of the Hungry Hippos!”

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

If you don’t know much about hippopotamuses, you might want to google my sermon title to see what the answer to this rather grizzly question is. But this morning I promise not to spend too much time on the dietary habits of hippos. By way of an ancient Egyptian myth, I want to explore the ultimate meaning of life. Do be with us!

APR. 25TH, 2021

“Earth Day Celebration”

Rev. Scott W. Alexander, Amy Gallo, Karolyn Lucero, Judy Orcutt, Gale Parmentier, Jack and Nancy Stiefel

The focus of our 2021 Earth day celebration is “Water,” and our theme for the day is “We All Live Downstream.”  Judy Orcutt and Amy Gallo will each offer in-depth reflections and our festive service will include special Earth Day music.