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JAN. 3RD, 2021

“Mortality…and ALL That”

Minister: Rev. Scott W. Alexander

By way of this world’s towering reality (the eventual mortality of all things) on this first Sunday of the new year, I want to explore what I believe to be the most important spiritual realization any human being can have. If this doesn’t encourage you to be with us this Sunday, I don’t know what will 😊.

JAN. 10TH, 2021

UUFVB Mortgage Burning Sunday

“The Spirituality of Our Building:

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

On this Sunday when we will celebrate the burning of our mortgage (and the status of our building as finally being fully paid for and debt-free!) I will reflect on the spirituality of our spacious and beautiful facility here at the corner of 27th Avenue and 16th Street. Although it was built 30 years ago as the First Church of God, over recent years we have transformed it into our much beloved and comfortable spiritual home. Following the service, we will have a brief (CDC safety guidelines compliant) outdoor celebration of this happy event, which will include a toast to all those whose hard work and generosity enabled us to achieve this accomplishment.  

JAN. 17TH, 2021


“Where Do We Go from Here?”

Speaker: Mr. Andrew Sorbo, UUFVB Social Justice Committee, Jonnie Mae Perry, and Skylar Fitz-Coy


JAN. 24TH, 2021

“The Shadow Knows”

Minister: Rev. Sarah York

When we take time to claim the shadow side of our own human nature, we are empowered to confront the unacceptable behavior we encounter in others.

JAN. 31ST, 2021

The Risk Called Life

Minister: Rev. Scott W. Alexander

Over the last year living amidst the Covid pandemic, we have all had to constantly navigate “risk assessment” in our lives. This has gotten me thinking about the overarching reality of “risk” in our daily lives. It goes without saying that life itself is a risky business. Do be with us as we  explore this complicated topic.