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NOV. 1ST, 2020

Sermon Before the Election

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

Without doubt, the election this week is the most consequential, and potentially harrowing, of our lifetimes. Our country is so terribly divided politically, and so very much is at stake. This is especially so because it is not at all clear – because of a variety of pernicious factors — that we will have a fair election with clear results. I want us to reflect together on this dangerous time in American life, and how we, as Unitarian Universalists, must respond.

NOV. 8TH, 2020

So…Where Do We Go from Here? A Post Election Chancel Dialogue

Rev. Scott W. Alexander, Cathy Cossa, Rev. Dr. John Brown, Rev. Crystal Bujol, Rev. Chuck McNatt, Rev. York

I have asked all of our year-round UUFVB Affiliate Ministers – and our congregation’s President, Cathy Cossa —  and to join me in a “Chancel Dialogue” on this momentous Sunday following our national election. Whether or not the results of America’s voting are clear, we Unitarian Universalists must formulate a response to our troubled national situation. We can only hope that our democracy will have prevailed, and that the nation has a clear path forward. 

NOV. 15TH, 2020

The Power of Appreciation

Ms. Laura Matson & Ms. Judi Perry

Is it possible for us to change the world through appreciation? Does is really matter how we talk to each other? In this month of gratitude and appreciation, November gives us the time to consider how we recognize the inherent worth of all person we encounter. Even those people who irritate us, with whom we disagree with, and those who push our buttons. How do Unitarian Universalists show sincere appreciation?

NOV. 22ND, 2020


Rev. Scott W. Alexander, Kelly Stephens, Rebecca Brack,  Elizabeth Borne and “The UUFVB Singers”

On this Sunday before Thanksgiving 2020 (what a crazy/complex year it has been!) we are going to devote our Service to reflecting on the all-important spiritual ability to “give thanks,” even amidst all of life’s complications and sorrows. Do plan on being with us, either in person in our sanctuary (CDC safety guidelines strictly observed) or via our life-stream service

NOV. 29TH, 2020

Learning to Fall

Rev. Scott Alexander

By way of Unitarian Universalist Phillip Simmons’ wonderful spiritual book “Learning to Fall” The Blessings of an Imperfect Life”   this Sunday my sermon will explore the mystery of keeping your heart open to life even as you face its inevitable (and sometimes very painful) losses.