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SEPT. 6TH, 2020

What Is With All This Toxic Individualism?

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

One of the most disturbing and dangerous developments of the Covid-19 epidemic has been the toxic, selfish, and irrational individualism now expressed by many Americans. Most noticeably manifested in the refusal to wear masks and maintain safe social distancing in public, this individualism (which is most vigorously asserted by “conservative” Americans) threatens not only the nation’s public health, but also the social fabric of our society. This morning I will ask: “what’s with all this toxic individualism, anyway?”

SEPT. 13TH, 2020

What’s Going on With Your Fun-O-Meter?

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

The other day, one of our UUFVB families shared with me a light-hearted spiritual practice that they regularly engage in. Often, when they are together engaged in some shared activity, someone will interrupt the moment with the pointed question, “So, on a scale of 1 to 10, where is our fun-o-meter right now?” Not every activity in life, of course, is supposed to be “fun,” but I was struck by the importance of pausing in our lives and asking this question. This question has become even more important during these difficult days of Covid-19, when so many of the activities and routines which bring us pleasure are interrupted or deferred. Do be with us as we explore the importance of our fun-o-meter!

SEPT. 20TH, 2020

Ralph’s Pretty Good Grocery Store

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

Back when Garrison Keillor’s “Prairie Home Companion” radio show was on the air, there would be ads run for Lake Wobegone’s “Ralph’s Pretty Good Grocery Store,” whose motto was “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it!” This whimsical reference has gotten me thinking about the curse of perfectionism, both here at UUFVB and in our personal lives.

SEPT. 27TH, 2020

The Masks We Wear

Pulpit Guest Rev. Martin Woulfe, Minister, Abraham Lincoln UU Congregation. Springfield, Illinois

Service conducted by Rev. Scott Alexander

This is our first “virtual pulpit exchange” with Rev. Alexander and Rev. Woulfe exchanging YouTube sermons from afar. Rev. Woulfe (who has served our Springfield Illinois congregation with distinction for almost 20 years) writes of his sermon,

“Throughout the ages and in diverse cultures, masks have also been employed to convey dramatic and religious insights. In a typical year, we ourselves might associate wearing masks with Halloween, or superheroes, or medical professionals. This of course, is a most unusual year – and masks have far reaching health implications. Most of our neighbors have adopted the practice – but not all. How does this practice reflect our ethical and spiritual values?”