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AUG. 2ND, 2020

How Do We Explain the Unexplained Beauty of the World

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

How in the world do we explain the unexplained beauty of the world? As religious human beings, it behooves us to have some way – some spiritual or theological or, at least, scientific way – to explain and understand to the heart the harmony, grace and beauty that so often marks our natural world.

AUG. 9TH, 2020

Prayers That Stick To The Ribs

Rev. Marni Harmony

How might prayer enrich our spiritual journey? We’ll look at different kinds of prayers, the discipline of prayer, and the difference between praying words and playfulness.

AUG. 16TH, 2020

The Re-Enchantment of the World

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

When we were children, we took in the world with eyes of enchantment and wonder. But with the passing of the years, many of us lose our ability to see the world in all of its amazing wonder. Rev. Alexander will explore what it will spiritually take for us to experience a re-enchantment of the world.

AUG. 23RD, 2020

Politics in Religion

Rev. Charles McNatt

Some people complain that they don’t want to hear politics from the pulpit. Are those folks right? Should preachers avoid speaking about the important issues of society and the politics connected to them or is it their duty, even their mission to do so?

AUG. 30TH, 2020

Where is Horace Mann Now That We Need Him?

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

As public and private schools attempt to reopen here in Indian River County this week, I want to explore the educational vision of 19th century Unitarian educator – Horace Mann, who is considered to be the father of American Public education. Even in the age of Covid-19 his vision remains to inspire us as we educate our children.