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MAY 3RD, 2020


Rev. Scott W. Alexander

MAY 10TH, 2020

Maintaining Connections

Rev. Carole York

This global Coronavirus-Covid 19 pandemic has forced people around the world to embrace a new normal in isolation. Aside from the very good this does, it produces many problems for us

MAY 17TH, 2020

Re-Visioning Our Future Congregation

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

MAY 24TH, 2020

Defending Democracy

MS. Laura Matson

MAY 31ST, 2020

The Spirituality of Patience

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

It seems like an age ago now…but do you remember what was going through your mind back in early March when suddenly this Corona pandemic broke over America and radically disrupted almost every aspect of our daily lives? Well…I can tell you what I was thinking. “Transform Frustration with Patience”