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JAN. 5TH, 2020

“Can We Really Reinvent Ourselves”

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

NEW YEAR’S BRUNCH SUNDAY Rev. Scott Alexander preaching. This is sermon 4 in the year-long series, “This I Believe.” Scott writes: “The New Year transition is a time that many people use to re-examine their lives and make fresh resolutions about the ways in which they wish to live. This year, I have been reflecting on this intentional ‘self-improvement practice’, and wonder if people really are capable of consciously and purposefully “reinventing” themselves along new pathways of human being. Start the new year off right by joining us for worship…and plan on staying with us for our annual new year’s Sunday brunch, immediately following the service”.

JAN. 12TH, 2020

“Land, Sea and Air: The Climate is Changing”

Pete Kersey

Pete Kersey, guest speaker, Pete says,” It is my intent to bring you up-to-speed on some of the lesser known effects of the climate change we are seeing around the globe. Everything is being affected, and in accordance with the Unitarian Universalist 7th Principle, we UU’s need to pay attention and let our governmental leaders know what we think about this matter. I will also be asking the UUFVB Board of Trustees to adopt a petition directed to local governments, as voted on by the congregation at the annual meeting, to start now or speed up the process of converting their fleets of vehicles to natural gas or electric.

JAN. 19TH, 2020

“Martin Luther King Sunday-Is America Ready for Reparations?”

Rev. Scott W Alexander

Rev. Scott W. Alexander preaching. Scott writes:”For many years, I was not personally persuaded that government-initiated financial “reparations” to current day African Americans–in partial restitution for the economic injustice done to generations of our African American population over the last 400 years since the first slaves arrived on American shores–was either appropriate or feasible. But recently I have (for the first time)seriously reflected on the complexities of the issue, and I am now persuaded that not only are reparations financially possible, they are morally necessary. This sermon will be the springboard for an op-ed piece I hope to get published nationally. There will be an opportunity for further congregational dialogue following the service, back in the Sanctuary at 11:30 a.m.”

JAN. 26TH, 2020

“Human Nature”

Rev. Scott W. Alexander

Scott writes: Over the course of this year-long series, I am exploring central theological/intellectual concepts that give shape to our Unitarian Universalist faith. What we conclude–both theoretically and practically–about “Human Nature” will fundamentally shape how we grapple with most of the daunting challenges that face humanity in the 21st Century. This question–about what is (and what is not) possible for the human species–is not necessarily an easy or reassuring one. But as people of faith, we must explore it honestly, and then make crucial decisions based on what we know to be true.