Fair Trade Corner History

         In 2002 the Social Justice Committee began purchasing fair trade coffee from Equal Exchange to serve during our Sunday morning coffee hour. From those humble beginnings, the seed was planted and we now have a vibrant Fair Trade Committee that oversees a 300-square-foot store on our campus, housed adjacent to Fellowship Hall.

         While we were located on 43rd Avenue, we used half of a card table in the back corner of our multi-purpose room. We began by selling coffee and soon added fair trade teas and chocolate bars.

         But, it was our move to our current home on Emerson Avenue that really jump started the Corner. After trying out several locations in our vast building, we settled on our current space which offers us the ability to feature many vendors. We quickly added clothing, greeting cards, jewelry, soaps, and all manner of gifts from around the world. 

         Happily, robust sales allow us to cover the cost of the coffee, tea, and hot chocolate consumed during Sunday coffee hour as well as other UU social activities. Although our primary goal is social justice, not profits, we are pleased to have made significant donations to projects throughout our building such as heat reflective window coating, auto-shutoff faucets, ceiling fans, and the recycling dumpster fence, all projects which promote environmental sustainability.