Welcome to the UUFVB Member Area

This is the UUFVB Member Area containing archived business and historical documents. Access to these pages is restricted to UUFVB Members only. We do this to prevent the general public from viewing our proprietary business and historical information.

A password is required to access these pages. If you do not have the password, please send an email to administrator@uufvb.org. The email must a include a phone number so the Administrator can return the call and verbally provide the password.

We are aware that some of our documents got into the wrong hands, and scammers used the information to solicit money from Members. Therefore, the password will be changed periodically.

In the Member Area you will find these documents:

     • Board and Committee Meeting Minutes

     • Facilities Council Meeting Minutes and Project Videos

     • Financial Records

    • Congregational Record Newsletters

    • Social Justice Newsletters

    • Policy Manuals

We are working to expand the Member Area to include a History section containing the detailed descriptions of UUFVB through the ages.

Please send requests regarding the Member Area to webmaster@uufvb.org.

Thank You,

Joe Hardy

UUFVB Webmaster