Members of the UUFVB Fellowship have many ways to help each other – and their communities – to lead lives of justice, love, learning, and hope. Our Endowment Fund is one such welcome method.  


At the Annual Meeting in April 2001, the Fellowship approved the establishment of the Fund and the Endowment Committee. A special resolution spelled out the mission, the organizational rules of the committee, and how members are chosen. Jim Brewer was the first chair.     

A mere four months after its inception, a miracle happened! The Endowment Fund received an unexpected and very generous initial donation of $248,000 from the estate of former members Carl and Florence Arnott. What a grand start!  

The Fund’s principal has grown since, and all members are encouraged to consider the Endowment in their estate planning! The “Donate” tab at the top of this page can provide much more information about the many ways you might contribute. 

Consistent with the original April 8, 2001 Fellowship resolution that established the Fund, endowment income “shall be used for enrichment of Fellowship programs, improvement of building and landscaping, capital purchases, unusual educational opportunities for the congregation, or other special needs that may arise.” 

The Endowment Fund is separate from the Fellowship’s operating budget, building funds, or special funds. Use of Endowment funds must benefit programs which are beyond the scope and means of the Fellowship’s operating budget. 

Special Thanks! 

Carl and Florence Arnott’s very generous contribution in 2001 is still paying dividends – and still building a formidable legacy as new projects are funded.


The Endowment Committee manages the Endowment Fund. The Committee consists of seven members of the Fellowship appointed by the Board of Trustees for overlapping two-year terms. The President of the Fellowship and the minister serve on the Committee as advisors. The Committee reports to the Board on a Quarterly basis and to the congregation at each annual meeting. Members may find additional administrative details, such as Committee minutes, in the Members section of the UUFVB website.  


Committees of the Fellowship may apply to the Endowment Fund for program support at any time. Please sign into the Member Login and follow the links to the Application Form. 

Only UUFVB Committees may apply for Endowment Funds. A useful question to ask as you design your project might be: How will this be a “gift that keeps on giving,” a project that yields a lasting benefit to the Members and the Fellowship’s ability to fulfill its mission?  


In 2005 UUFVB Fellowship Members made the far-sighted – but audacious – decision to purchase an abandoned church building in Vero Beach covering 25,600 square feet in its main building alone. Rehabilitation of the property required additional significant investments and many hours of volunteered labor. 


Re-named the “Emerson Center” after Unitarian minister Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Center serves as the home of the Fellowship and a major cultural venue for the community. Each year, numerous concerts, lectures, and other public events are held at the Emerson Center (theemersoncenter.org).


Many Fellowship Members contributed both time and money to complete the purchase and pay off the mortgage of the property. The Endowment Fund contributors represent simply one set of these generous contributors. The Endowment Fund played an important role in helping to pay off mortgage for the Emerson Center and place the UUFVB on a more secure financial footing.  

Fellowship Members met on January 10, 2021 to re-dedicate the UUFVB home in Vero Beach with some of the following words and commitments: 

UUFVB Minister the Rev. Scott Alexander and Members: “We, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach, grateful for our heritage and conscious of new opportunities to serve our neighbors, our families, and our planet, do covenant this day to walk together in the ways of mutual service, guidance to the young, compassion for our elders, consolation to the troubled, justice for our planet and for all life with encouragement to all. May the spirit of love build us always in the keeping of this covenant.

“We dedicate this Sanctuary to the service of truth, the presence of love, and the pursuit of justice.” 

UUFVB Congregation: “As a place of joy and tenderness, where the arts and sciences live, shall be celebrated and honored, where the simple goods of life shall be praised, where wrong and hurt shall be comforted by kindness and caring, we dedicate this Sanctuary. 

“We dedicate these buildings as houses of goodwill, where barriers of color, class and creed shall not bar us from the works of compassion and justice, where all shall be welcomed who would work for a world made fair and all her people one.”


In 2021 the Endowment Committee quickly endorsed a Facilities Council request to fund the addition of a bicycle rack for the congregation and visitors. The bicycle rack honors departing senior minister Reverend Scott W. Alexander. 

As usual, many Fellowship volunteers pitched in to bring the idea to fruition, including Al Parmentier, Jack Siplak, Mark Hornbuckle, Jim Brewer, Dick Atkinson, Al and Lin McNabb, and Nancy Stiefel.   

At a ceremony held on March 7, 2021, UUFVB member Jack Stiefel presented the honor, explaining: “It all started with an idea expressed over a year ago by Angie Love that the Fellowship needs a bike rack. Then, with the announcement that Scott would retire this summer, it occurred to me that a first class bike rack might be a good way to honor Scott.”            

Reverend Alexander was a mainstay of the congregation for 13 years. A former runner and avid bicyclist, he biked across the United States three times raising funds to end hunger. 


Unitarian Universalists have a rich history of contributing to society. They do this through current ACTS and CONTRIBUTIONS. Through such acts and contributions they benefit people in the present and in the future, leaving a legacy that redounds to the advantage of many future generations. 

The Endowment Fund also provides a way to continue the legacy of individual Fellowship Members and their families, including those who have preceded us. Contributions of principal to the Fund are intended to be permanent, but the accrued interest and earnings become available for endowment projects.   

You have the opportunity to establish your own personal legacy that will further the mission of the UUFVB. We think of Endowment Fund contributions as “gifts that keep on giving.” We preserve the principal of each contribution, and then make earnings from that principal available to projects sponsored by UUFVB Committees. Each of those projects, in turn, is obliged to demonstrate that it will generate enduring benefits to the Members and the UUFVB Mission, separate from the normal responsibilities of the UUFVB operating budget.    

We invite you to be part of this tradition. There are many ways to contribute, including:  

RIGHT NOW! To make an immediate contribution via credit card or PayPal, please click here.

You may also send a check to the Endowment Fund, UUFVB, 1590 27th Ave, Vero Beach FL 32960. 

NOW for the FUTURE: And/or, you may wish to make the UUFVB Endowment a beneficiary of your Estate, life insurance policy, IRA, deferred compensation, will, or other policy where your contribution is recorded now but activated in the future according to the conditions you specify.  

For the following types of gifts it is important to notify UUFVB of your gift. We also recommend that you consult an attorney or a professional estate planner; and ensure that the UUFVB Endowment Fund is designated as the recipient.  

Upon making any of the following gifts you will become a member of the UUFVB Legacy Society. The Legacy Society is comprised of those UUFVB members who have made inter vivos gifts or included the Endowment Fund in their Estate plans. 

• Outright Gifts: An immediate transfer of property (cash, stocks, bonds, real estate). Gifts must be made to the UUFVB Endowment Fund. 

• Bequests: A gift through the distribution of property at death under a will or a trust. You may designate a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the balance after other bequests are made. Bequests must be made to the UUFVB Endowment Fund. 

• Deferred Gifts: A gift whereby you arrange to retain use of your asset (for example: a home, land or income from securities) during your lifetime. The gift becomes the property of the Fund at your death. There are many types of deferred gift plans that can be used. 

• Retirement Funds/IRA: You can bequeath all or part of your retirement fund/IRA by naming the Endowment Fund as a beneficiary. 

• Memorial/Testimonial Gifts: A gift given in memory of a loved one or a gift given to honor a living person (which can be made using any of the options described here). 

 • Life Insurance Policies: The Endowment Fund is named as a beneficiary of your insurance policy. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss the Endowment Fund, please feel free to email us at endowment@uufvb.org    


In 2021 the family of former Endowment Chair Eva Heifetz contributed funds to challenge UU Members to promote environmental sustainability, a practice that was a priority for Eva.   

The Eva Heifetz Sustainability Challenge invites UUFVB members and friends to “match” Eva’s $25,000 bequest with the goal to raise an additional $25,000 for current and future environmental sustainability projects. To launch a strong environmental sustainability effort now, fifty percent (50%) of new Challenge donations would go into an unrestricted Endowment account. Unrestricted funds would be available immediately to pay for current, important, sustainability projects proposed by UUFVB Committees. The other fifty percent (50%) of new Challenge donations would go to the Endowment Fund as restricted principal. Interest income earned over time from such restricted principal (and the Heifetz $25,000), would be available to fund sustainability projects in the future.  

For example, for a $100 donation to the Heifetz Challenge, $50 would go into an unrestricted Endowment account and be available to pay for current proposed sustainability projects. The other $50 would go into the Endowment Fund as restricted principal. Interest income earned over time could be spent on future sustainability projects.  

The Endowment Committee will review project grant requests and recommend appropriate projects to the Board of Trustees for approval.  

To make an immediate contribution via credit card or PayPal, please click here.

You may also send a check to the Endowment Fund, UUFVB, 1590 27th Ave, Vero Beach FL 32960. Please indicate on the check or in a cover letter that you would like the funds to go to the Eva Heifetz Sustainability Challenge.  

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in furthering the mission of the UUFVB through deeds and contributions to the Endowment Fund.