Volunteer or Serve on a Committee

Annual Auction & Yard Sale

Major fundraiser put on by the UUFVB. Lots of help and donations needed. Contact: Rod Baker (781) 799-5944.

Audio Visual Team

Run the sound and visual during the service and special events. Contact: Larry Phillips (609) 304-7403.

Coffee Teams

Set up coffee and snacks our after service gathering. Contact the UUFVB Office by phone at (772) 778-5880 for more details. 

Emerson Center

Ushering, Parking and Box Office for Humanities Series and Music Performances. Contact: Patty Walker (772) 480-4883.

Facilities Council

Maintains our building and grounds. Contact: Al Parmentier (772) 979-2543.

Front Desk

Greet office visitors, answer phones along with other office tasks. Contact: Kimberly (772) 778-5880.

Greeting and Ushering

Sunday mornings volunteers needed to greet UUFVB members and friends. Contact: Sue Burt (772) 774-8021.

Pastoral Care

Assists the Minister in home visitations as needed. Contact: Rev. Kaaren Anderson by phone at (772) 778-5880.

Social Justice Steering Committees

Click here, to view a wide range of activities and groups promoting Social Justice in our community.