Come the Way You Are

We welcome everyone. Come prepared to think freely, speak freely, and ask questions in a place where you may find the answers you seek.

We encourage our neighbors to discover this unique Congregation. We offer a safe haven for people who want affirmation from a welcoming crowd of concerned, compassionate friends. — Please join us.

Today too many people feel estranged from old friends and institutions that once provided them comfort and support. They are unaware that UUFVB understands their situation and delivers a positive, refreshing alternative.

We are a diverse community of people who want to think freely, speak freely, and ask questions in a place where others ask questions also. We believe in Seven Principles for finding life’s meaning in this chaotic world. We are a community of open-minded friends who share your hopes for tomorrow — and we are doing something about it. You are welcome to come just the way you are.

Unitarian Universalism embraces diversity and nurtures spirituality without requiring adherence to a particular doctrine or set of arbitrary, often illogical, rules. By inviting people to “bring their minds,” UUFVB distinguishes itself as a place for thoughtful sharing of opinions and cooperative efforts to effect positive changes.