Who We Are

Open Minds. Loving Hearts. Helping Hands

Unitarian Universalism:

Unitarian Universalism is an intentionally creedless religion with many centuries of history. Rather than provide a single set of beliefs, UUs believe that each person has both the right and the responsibility to develop their own beliefs in matters of religion, and that we do this best in the context of a nurturing and challenging community. UU does not offer THE answer, rather it encourages individuals to question and develop their own framework of beliefs within a loving atmosphere.

Unitarian Universalist Association:

The UUA is a voluntary association of approximately 1,000 Unitarian Universalist congregations across the country. Congregations are self-governed using a democratic process. For example, each congregation can vote to decide whether to buy or sell property, call a minister, take stands on social justice, etc. This congregation contributes annually on a per-member basis to the wider UU movement, allowing us voice in and support from the UUA. We are also connected with other local congregations through the Florida UU District office in Orlando.

How UUFVB Operates:

We are a democratic society. The congregation votes on major issues such as calling a minister, appointing Board members, approving the budget, changing by-laws, setting goals, etc. at Annual and Special meetings of members. The Board of Trustees oversees the day to day operations with input from the various Councils and Committees. The Minister participates in leadership decisions but does not have a vote. Only members are eligible to vote.

Lay Members and Committees

Lay members facilitate the work of the congregation through a structure of councils and committees. Being on a committee not only helps the Fellowship but it is a great way to meet people and feel a part of the congregation. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about how you may want to be involved.

Fun Groups:

UUs like to have fun too. The monthly newsletter is full of information about our many social and other activities — you can sign up to get the newsletter at the visitor table in the lobby or e-mail info@uufvb.org.


Because Unitarian Universalist congregations are self governed, we are also financially self-supported. Members are asked to pledge financial support to sustain the ministry of the Fellowship.