Adult Religious Education

The Mission of the Adult Religious Education (ARE) program is to deepen and strengthen spirituality in our beloved community.

Adult Religious Education serves the congregation by providing targeted programs that facilitate lifelong spiritual growth and exploration. Areas of focus include the theological and ethical discourse and spiritual beliefs and practices. Some lectures and workshops are planned, but the primary learning model is small group discussion with self study.

Programs are planned by the ARE Cmmittee in consultation with our minister. Suggestions and new committee members are welcomed and the current chair, Pete Kersey, is always happy to answer any questions. You may contact Pete at

2021 In-person classes have not yet resumed due to the covid-pandemic.

Programs Planned for 2020

Keep watch on the Congregational Record newsletter for information about exact dates of upcoming programs and sign up dates.

Rituals of Remembrance for the Seasons of Grief.

January 18, 2020. A three hour workshop, 9am to noon, written and led by retired minister Rev Sarah York. 

World Religions.

February 2020, (exact dates to be determined) five classes on the major world religions and each facilitated by a different person with expertise in that particular religion: Buddhism/Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Confuscius and Pagan. Some of the material comes from a book by Huston Smith, Illustrated World Religions.

Nature Fix.

April 2020.  A four-session series on aligning spirituality with the natural environment. Led by committee member Sue Burt

The Wi$dom Path – Spirituality of Money.

2020 date TBD. Led by committee member Carly Hardy.

Book Group:

The UUFVB Book Group meets on the fourth Sunday of each month (except December) at 11:30 AM.

Rev Scott Alexander

Subject and date TBD for a Saturday session.

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